We spend 3,500 days on our periods. That's almost 10 years. We make it easier

  • Disrupted routine

    Missing school or work? Not anymore. Get back to your daily routine with 2 gummies a day, every day.

  • 18 weeks

    We lose 18 weeks to cancelled plans and time off of work.

  • Tea isn't working?

    Hoping hot tea will do the trick but it's only a few hours of relief? Taking natural supplements can help your body feel great all month long.

  • "Just take a painkiller"

    Painkillers can cause stomach discomfort and sometimes bleeding, making natural supplements a better long-term solution.

Tired of PMS products that don’t work? We were too.

Our pharmacist-formulated vitamin contains only ingredients that your body needs to get you back to your daily routine. We are the only one on the market using Maritime Pine Bark to target PMS symptoms because, well, it actually works.

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You really want to know what makes Aura Essentials different?

We are a women’s health company that strives to empower ALL people who menstruate. At the end of the day, we are on a mission to build an inclusive community, de-stigmatize women’s health, and deliver world class products that solve the problems our community faces.

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