Aura Essentials is a women’s health company that strives to empower all women.

Known for launching our PMS vitamin gummy with botanical ingredients such as maritime pine bark, dandelion root & chaste berry, Aura aims to reduce PMS symptoms and allow women to feel their best all month long. Female founded & run, this product is made for women by women. 

We know there are other PMS products out there, so what makes us different? We believe in destigmatizing women’s health - that it shouldn’t be scary or  unknown. Periods are natural and shouldn’t be something to hide or be embarrassed about. Most of all, periods should NOT hold you back - which is why we are here to help & empower.

Meet Dr. Aisha
Doctor Of Pharmacy: The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy

As one of the many women who suffered from monthly discomfort, bloating, and productivityduring my menstrual cycle, I knew that there had to be a natural solution to a problem that most women face. After years of formal education, personal health exploration, research, and innovative partnerships, I co-founded Aura Essentials to empower women to live a better, healthier, and more balanced life, through natural botanicals.

Pharmacist-founded in 2021

Aura Essentials sits at the intersection of innovation and authenticity. Our products are designed for Women, by a Woman. We formulate natural supplements to support women’s health, using clinically proven ingredients. We strive to provide consumer education and empower women to take charge of their health.