Health should be for everyone.

About Aura Essentials

My journey with women’s healthcare really started in college - it was the first time I was on my own & in charge of choosing which doctor or healthcare center to go to - that also meant my mom was no longer booking my doctor’s appointments.

That’s when I started realizing how little I knew about my own health and how many gynecologists & doctors were lacking in women’s health solutions. I always left appointments either terrified or frustrated with an unsolved issue. I was finding a newfound freedom but felt unprepared for the most important need: my health! I started talking to friends and family and realized women’s health solutions have always been on the backburner and there’s an overall lack of education & products that actually work. I had friends put on the wrong birth control that proved dangerous, I was dealing with unmanageable PMS, UTI’s & yeast infections that doctors would disregard, and researched how many men’s health products were covered by insurance while women continued to pay out of pocket. I was so frustrated that I had to live in uncomfortable pain waiting for an appointment for them to prescribe me something I already knew I needed it but couldn’t get over the counter.

I had to miss class, work, and worst of all was embarrassed about it. The more I started talking about it I couldn’t believe how many people were also dealing with the same things but just had to live with it. The few products I tried felt like they didn’t work, didn’t prevent, and were just packed with sugar alcohols or weird chemicals I couldn't pronounce. After college I worked managing digital talent, specifically influencers and then entered the venture capital world and really learned about startups. I had no idea at the time that people could just create a solution for the problem they were dealing with and that’s when I left to work for a marketing agency & got connected with a team of pharmacists and manufacturers who could help me create solutions for my PMS that I wanted to pass along to this community of people who also wanted to start being empowered with both knowledge and solutions to start getting back to their day to day. I got fed up with the “just take Advil '' and wanted others to also know about how to take control of their own health.

My own mom was unprepared for her menopause experience that was shocking to me because as a teacher she loves to learn and also realized how little there is out there to support EVERY phase of a women’s life.Through education, community building and making products that actually work. My frustration turned into passion for a cause that became Aura Essentials.